Meeting Hillary Clinton

Teresa is often asked, “Have you ever met the real Hillary?” Fortunately, she did get to meet her “twin” face to face and have a photograph taken with the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in February of 1996. Hillary appeared that evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA to promote her book, “It Takes a Village.” The event was also a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

After Hillary made her speech, she offered everyone in the audience a chance to meet her. A reception line formed and Teresa waited for her turn to introduce herself by saying, “Hillary, I’m so glad to finally meet you! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Teresa Barnwell?”

Hillary just laughed and replied, “Well, I’m flattered!” A woman in line behind Teresa leaned forward and teased the First Lady by saying, “Hillary, it’s your evil twin!” Hillary replied, “Oh, you’re the one who can stand in for me and do the bad stuff I don’t want to do!”

Hillary and Teresa posed for a photographer together, which resulted in the opportunity to see the two “twins” side by side and their amazing resemblance. People sometimes can’t tell the difference. Teresa sets them straight by pointing out that she’s the “younger one.” Teresa will be forever grateful to Onie Irvine, the woman who took this “infamous” photograph.

Teresa autographed the photo and sent it to Hillary at the White House for her to keep. She included an extra photo and Hillary returned the favor by autographing it and sending it back to Teresa, a treasure she proudly displays in her office. This photo has appeared in numerous articles profiling Teresa’s life and career as a Hillary Clinton Impersonator.

Teresa Barnwell HIllary Clinton Impersonator